An easy solution to food waste

From waste to gain in only 18 hours

Fully automatic composting of food waste

In a fully automatic composting, the food waste is broken down and becomes odorless and nutritious soil. The system is adapted to all commercial kitchens. The food waste goes through an aerobic decomposition and is composted into an odorless and nutritious end product. The solution is a patented process developed in Norway. The system is adapted to all commercial kitchens. A grinder is mounted directly in the kitchen in a 60 × 60 module. The food waste is transported via vacuum or gravity to the waste room.

The installation prevents bacterial growth and saves the kitchen staff heavy lifting and unnecessary time on the transfer of food waste, since it is carried out automatically. The end product is odorless soil that can be used for fertilizer. With the composting solution from Global Enviro, you save costs and time, while at the same time being good for the environment. We have satisfied customers both at home and abroad who have the installation in place. You can read about these here. Wondering how fully automated composting works? See the figure below for more details, or get in touch and we will answer questions.

Illustration of the composting process
A-C: The grinder is located in the kitchen and for daily use this is the only point of contact. The food waste is transported via vacuum or own weight to the waste room.

D-E: Water and grease are separated via the processing unit. Specially developed software controls that the volume is correct.

F: The wastewater is separated via a grease trap and can be reused as biofuel. The wastewater is sent through existing sewage and is within the authorities' requirements.

G: The process in the bioreactor is fully automatic. Bacteria compost the food waste naturally in just 18 hours and the end product is less than 10% of the original weight.

Watch the clip to see how Scandic Sunnfjord is handling food waste:

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Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

The system was installed in Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa as early as 2006 and has been handling food waste since. The installation is still used on a daily basis. Since 2006 the number of trucks used in transportation have been reduced with over 600. Until now the hotel has produced approximately 50 tonnes of odorless and nutritious soil - economic and eco-friendly.