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Global Enviro offers an eco-friendly solution handling food waste from commercial kitchens, on land and at sea. The solution is a patented process developed by the company in Norway. The food waste is broken down in aerobic decomposition. The system is in full progress in more than 50 installations in several countries and the company has many years of experience in the field.

This solution gives operational benefits in terms of lowering costs in handling food waste and lower personnel costs due to simplified handling. This system offers more hygienic disposal and an eco-friendly solution for the society. Global Enviro offers a “turn key” solution – easy to install, easy to use.

Global Enviro was founded in 2002 in Ulsteinvik, outside Ålesund. However, the company’s current model was established in 2006. We delivered our first installation to Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa in the autumn of 2006. This installation is still in use.

The company was later relocated to eastern Norway to serve our customers better and is now located in Lier.

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Ny-Ålesund Research Station – Sverdrup

Ny-Ålesund Research Station – Sverdrup

The Ny-Ålesund Research Station – Sverdrup is located at the northern side of Brøgger Peninsula at the southern shore of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard. Enviro 2000 CM 50 Compact is installed at the research station. With this system installed the research station is able to reduce 50 tonnes of food waste into 5 tonnes of odorless and nutritious soil.

From North to South

From the Arctic to the Antarctic

- and between

Troll - Norwegian research station in Antarctica

Troll - Norwegian research station in Antarctica

Troll er Norges forskningsstasjon i Antarktis. Det blir gjort bla. meteorologiske observasjoner og biologisk forskning. Stasjonen er i drift hele året. Stasjonen har installert Enviro 2000 CM 50 Compact som reduserer opp til 50 tonn med matavfall til 5 tonn luktfri og næringsrik jord pr år.